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donesschen in donessicons

Byakuya Kuchiki icons

Got a nice batch of Byakuya icons here! As you can see I started out creating some serious icons of him but after the fifth icon I thought, hey, why not poke some fun at him...hahaha XD :P.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Please credit the community if using, thanks ^_^


Nice icons!^)
Thanks! ^_^
LOL at 9
Lol yep XD
#7 is a kind of ¿weird?...
i like it, nice icons!

Please visit my journal!! ^^
Yes it is! Lol. I dunno what the heck he's doing there but it's funny to see Byakuya going "EH?!", heehee!
Taking everything except number 7 even if I'm laughing so hard at it. It's bound to give me nightmares. LOL

Will credit when used. Thanks much! ^__^
Omg, your icon rocks! :D

Thanks, enjoy them! Hahaha, he looks like he's doing something sort of weird headbanging there, eh? XD
LOL. *laughing my head off at 6, 7, & 9*

Snagging quite a few, will credit! Thanks! :D
Enjoy! Aww, love your icon :3.
Glad you like them! :D Enjoy :)
Oh my dearie~ I love all this icons! Snagging most of them and will credit. *grins*

I'm obsessed with the swaying of his hair that's trapped in his kenseikan. *fangirls*
Glad you like them! Yays :D
Nice icons. Took #1 and #3. Will credit when used. =)
Bwaaaaahaha #9!!!
Heehee yep XD
taking number 1. great! will credit. thanks!
You're welcome, enjoy! :D